“Maduro?” “Guaido!”


A curious development.

Opposition Leader Juan Guaido took an oath swearing himself in as Venezuela’s interim president on Wednesday, as hundreds of thousands marched to demand the end of socialist leader Nicolas Maduro’s government.

Guaido, head of the Opposition-run Congress, had said he would be willing to assume the presidency on an interim basis with the support of the armed forces to call elections.

Within minutes, Global Affairs confirmed Canada will recognize Guaido in the role. U.S. President Donald Trump issued a statement doing the same, and encouraging other Western governments to recognize Guaido as interim president.


Emphasis added, by me of course. Sinister promptitude and all that. The Latin American countries with right-wing governments (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Paraguay and Peru) also recognized Guaido.

We don’t know yet which way the Venezuelan military will jump… and of course there is a difference between the professional military, and the paramilitary forces that were set up under Chavez and have not been disarmed. Again, they may be pushing up against a civil war, or continued disorder at the very least.

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4 Responses to “Maduro?” “Guaido!”

  1. You need to change the “Ahistorical” on the cover….

    • brtrain says:

      Well, the game takes place in a disguised Venezuela, as DC Maracas takes place in a disguised Caracas (well, obviously not Caracas, as the latter is 40 miles inland). But I designed this game in 2013, years before Chavez died… he had to go some time though.

  2. bottosconadmin says:

    Brian, I’ve been holding comment on the whole Venezuela situation. Given what I know about US involvement/support of Right Wing Dictatorships on Latin America I am extremely cynical when I see the rival presidential claimant welcoming the involvement of the International Monetary Fund and a committment to privatise the one revenue sources that could enrich the entire populace of Venezuela. How much of the economic crisis in Venezuela is due to boycott/sanctions/bullying from the US because Chavez and his successor wouldn’t bend to Capitalist Imperialism, and how much is due to mismanagement or the failings of State run socialism? I somehow doubt that the installment of Gauido and privatization of the State Run Oil Industry will solve the economic crisis in Venezuela. Why do I think that the only ones who will benefit are the Oligarchs?? Colour me cynical and jaded.

    • brtrain says:

      Rob, we did discuss this before on FB I think…
      Question 1: a lot, and it isn’t State-run socialism
      Question 2: Because they’re the ones who normally benefit.

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