Favourites Scenarios and Variants

Here is some material for some of my personal favourite wargames, that for the most part I did not write or design.

No challenge to the ownership of the original material is intended or implied. This is merely a place where hard-to-find material from orphaned publications and long-out-of-business companies can be found, for the interest of those who share my interest in these games.

The Creature That Ate Sheboygan (Greg Costikyan, SPI 1979)

CreatureVarM49  From MOVES 49, by Glenn Williams – simulating urban warfare where insurgents are the “monster” attacking the city. Rules for Agents Provocateurs, Assault Teams, Snipers, Riots, and Counter-Terror teams. One of my favourite variants.

Minuteman: The Second American Revolution (James Dunnigan,  SPI 1976)

Minuteman rules Scan of the rules to the game. 21 pages, pdf. Includes scan of counter sheets and the map!

minuteman NWO Scan of article from MOVES #79 (March-April 1994): extensive commentary and variant material by Joe Miranda, introducing new and updated units and a new scenario. 11 pages, pdf.

laraza A “Mexican invasion” variant I wrote for this game back in 1987 or so, rather like the “Occupation” scenario in the original. Writing variants is usually the top of the slippery slope for wretched game designers.

Nicaragua (Joe Miranda, 1988, Strategy & Tactics #120)

WG8-Nicaragua Material from Wargamer Volume 2 #8 (Nov-Dec 1988): extensive review and campaign analysis, three scenarios, optional rules, design notes. 18 pages, pdf file. Vital to appreciating this seminal game.

Nicaragua Moves 75 Material from Moves #75 (April-May 1993): rules and units for Special Operations Command. 2 pages, pdf file.

South Africa (Irad Hardy, 1977, Strategy & Tactics #62)

South Africa game errata, addns Significant errata and basic Rhodesia scenario.

South Africa Moves34 Rhodesia variant scenario by Chuck Kamps, in Moves 34 (Aug-Sep 1977)

There is further variant material at BGG, this set of house rules and scenarios by JP Kelly is good: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/5956/south-africa/files

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