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QUICK stands for “Quick Urban Integrated Combat Kriegsspiel”. The QUICK is a fairly simple game on large-scale combat operations by elements of a Division/ Group Army in a generic large city. I designed it in late 2021/ early 2022 to be used by students of the Urban Operations Planner Course held by the US 40th Infantry Division at JFTB Los Alamitos in July 2022. See the following web page for an array of very good resources and material on contemporary urban warfare.

40 ID Urban Warfare

From the introduction to the game:

Quick Urban Integrated Combat Kriegsspiel (QUICK) is a semi-abstract game about opposing modern-day forces engaging in kinetic conflict in a large city. In the game, players take on the role of Division or Group Army commanders, vying to gain control of critical terrain within the city known as Objectives. To succeed, they must successfully manage Enablers, the large array of skilled troops and machinery that exist to support and augment the power of the main Maneuver Units in the forces they command and maneuver these units for victory.

The game is played in rounds. Each round both players will draw or select colored cubes and then take turns using them to perform actions. The color of a cube determines what can be done, and with what unit. During play Enablers will be brought onto the battlefield or returned to it by being allocated to larger Maneuver Units, and these reinforced Maneuver Units will engage the enemy assisted by the special powers and abilities of their allocated Enablers. The player who is best able to exploit the mechanisms and timing of movement, combat and appropriate design of task forces will win.

I realized that while the students on this course are very intelligent and experienced people, a hex-and-counter manual wargame might be unfamiliar to them, so I created an introductory version which cuts down on the options and intricacies.

Here are the print and play files for the game, in both its versions (.odt = Open Document Text file created by LibreOffice, should be easily readable by any word processing program).

Files for the Introductory version

QUICK INTRO rules 16 Mar 23

QUICK INTRO play aids 16 March 23

QUICK INTRO scenarios 16 Mar 23

QUICK INTRO Fate Table 28 May

Files for the Standard version

QUICK from Intro to Standard versions 2023

QUICK STD scenarios 16 Mar 23

QUICK STD Fate Table 16 Mar 23

QUICK STD play aids 16 Mar 23

QUICK STD annotated SoP 16 Mar 23

QUICK STD rules 16 March 23

Files used in both versions

QUICK Change Log 16 Mar 23

QUICK ctrs single set 26 Jun

Notes on making the counters

QUICK map Manila terrain 23 May 35pc

QUICK org display 15 May 22

QUICK Pop Spt Tables 16 Mar 23

Besides these files you will need to supply the following items:

  • 80 cubes or other tokens in the following colors: 24 x blue, 12 x green, 16 x red, 8 x yellow, 12 x pink, 8 x black. (The Introductory version uses only the blue and pink cubes.)
  • 8 six-sided dice. (You could get by with just 4 or 5 if they are scarce in your house. Or you can use a die roller app – I have found Natural20 Lite for the iPhone to be very useful, and it’s free:

Revised versions may be added later.

I was not paid or compensated in any way to design this game (beyond being allowed to attend the course to teach it). It is my intellectual property (aside from the initial inspiration from the mechanics of the game War Chest, designed by David Thompson and (c)2018 Alderac Entertainment).

Thanks for your interest!



Curt Pangracs at the Command and General Staff College has created a VASSAL module for both introductory and Standard versions of the QUICK.

The latest version of Vassal is recommended for this module and can be downloaded from the site, see below.

Thanks so much for your quick work Curt!

OK, so what is VASSAL and what do you do with it?

Frankly, I do not use it much myself as I am irredeemably old-school and analog, but this program which allows play of digital ports of board games. Though it doesn’t enforce the rules for your, it is very very useful in situations like these! Here are some links you can refer to so you can get started, if you cannot find a helpful tutor.

The above two links are kind of old, here is a recent Youtube video (December 2021) that will take you through the more recent features of the program.

(placeholder for slides PDFs)

QUICK game day outline 26 May 22

QUICK Lesson 1 4 Jun 22

QUICK Lesson 2 4 July 22

QUICK Lesson 3 4 Jun 22

QUICK Lesson 4 4 July 22

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