About me and this blog

My name is Brian Train. I am a freelance writer and game designer

I have published games and/or historical articles with BTR Games, Decision Games, Fiery Dragon Productions, Flying Pig Games, GMT Games, Hollandspiele, Lock n’ Load, Microgame Design Group, One Small Step Games, Schutze Games, Simulations Workshop, Strategy Gaming Society, Steambubble Graphics, Tiny Battles and XTR Corp.

My special interests in game design are irregular warfare, “pol-mil” games, and asymmetric games generally.

This blog is dedicated to writing about my game designs, and items on “serious” gaming generally that catch my interest.

If you’d like to hear from me, I am at brian.train@gmail.com .

2 Responses to About me and this blog

  1. gersonvmjr says:

    Excellent site. Congratulations!

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