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Here are links to scripts and slide decks for presentations I have made to various groups and classes in the past, most recent first:

  • “Designers are Doing it for Themselves”: presentation to the Georgetown University Wargaming Society on self-publishing games, The Ether, 8 December 2020. guws-webinar-slides-3-oct-20 (slides, PDF)
  • “Studies in Concrete”: presentation on three civilian wargames on urban irregular war and how they were designed, given at the Military Operations Research Society’s special event “Analysis of Urban Warfare”, MCB Quantico, 2-5 April 2019. Studies in Concrete am 26 mar (text, Word)  Studies slides am 27 mar (slides, PDF)
  • “Soft Power Maps”: presentation given at Connections North 2019 (16 February 2019) on integrating political, social and economic factors in insurgency games, mainly a profile of the non-kinetic design elements in Tupamaro and A Distant Plain, as examples. Soft Power Maps 11 feb (slides, PDF)  Soft Power Maps 11 feb  (text, Word)
  • “Game Design as Journalism”: updated and revised version of the PCA presentation, given at the Connections-UK annual conference, 5 September 2018.    Games journalism 29 Aug (text, Word)  Games journalism 29 aug (slides, PDF)
  • “News Paper Games”: on the analog predecessors and contemporaries of digital newsgames. Presentation at Popular Culture Association national conference, 13 April 2017: NPG body 8 apr (text, Word)  News Paper Games 6 apr (slides, PDF)
  • “Playing the Recent Past”: on use of tabletop wargames to explore recent conflicts. Presentation to AHVS311E course, University of Victoria, 13 October 2016: UVic AHVS311 slides,   UVic AHVS311 script
  • “The Big COINflip: Board Wargames on Modern Irregular Warfare”. Presentation to Universite de Montreal Game Design students’ class, 5 May 2016: (text and slides) UdeM class 2016 26 apr, UdeM 5may
  • “Bored of War”: on the poor coverage of contemporary conflict by serious games. Presentation at Popular Culture Association national conference, 24 March 2016: (text and slides) Bored of War 20 mar  bored20mar
  • “How Can Civilian Wargames Contribute to the Development of Professional Wargames?” Presentation at RAND Centre for Gaming, 24 February 2016: first talk notes,  first talk slides,
  • “Irregular Civilian Wargames: Lost in the COIN Field”. Presentation at RAND Centre for Gaming, 24 February 2016 and National Defense University Centre for Applied Strategic Learning, 26 February 2016: second talk notessecond talk slides
  • “Wargaming Counterinsurgency”. Presentation at TableFlip conference, 4 October 2014: Tableflip ScriptRuhnke-Train Wargaming COIN (slides)
  • “The Global ECCO Project”. Presentation at Connections 2014 conference, 5 August 2014: ECCO project scriptECCO project slides
  • “Abstracted for your Attention”: on the value of abstract games for professional military education. Presentation at Connections-UK conference, 3 September 2013: Abstracted For Your Attention script , Abstracted For Your Attention slides (PDF of Powerpoint slides)
  • “Recent Developments in Civilian Insurgency Games”. Presentation at MORS Virtual Symposium 81.1, 15 June 2013: game links pageMORS811 slidesMORS symposium 2013 script
  • “Ploughing in the COIN Field: Civilian Wargames and the Search for Enlightenment”. Presentation at Naval Postgraduate School, 20 October 2011: PloughscriptshorNPS (script), Ploughshort(NPS) (Powerpoint slides)
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