Updated March 2021


Title (when written) Approx 


Subject Where and when published
Chess, Go and Vietnam: Gaming Modern Insurgency

(May 2014)

 6,000  Written with Volko Ruhnke, chapter in book from MIT Press Zones of Control: Perspectives on Wargaming, MIT Press, 2016

(summer 2016)

 1,700 Foreword introducing book and describing development of modern British counterinsurgency doctrine.  Paddy Griffith’s Counterinsurgency Wargames (History of Wargaming Project) (August 2016)
Foreword, annotated bibliography and ludography

(fall 2017)

 2,200 Foreword introducing book of rule sets by Wayne Thomas for miniatures games on COIN topics. Annotated bibliography of sources and text on COIN, and guide to notable game designs. Small Wars: New Perspectives on Wargaming CounterInsurgency on the Tabletop (History of Wargaming Project) (winter 2017)
Analog Newsgames

(early 2021)

6,000 Chapter in EuroWargames anthology on the tradition of analog newsgames as propaganda, satire, popular culture memento, and serious inquiry on contemporary issues. EuroWarGames: The history, state and future of professional and public (war)gaming in Europe
Editors: Riccardo Masini, Frédéric Serval, Jan Heinemann (fall 2021)


(ST = Strategy and Tactics magazine.)


(when written)

Approx length Subject Where and when published
The Terror War

(summer 1993)

12,000 Urban guerrilla warfare movements and urban terrorism, 1950-90. ST #166 (February 1994)

(fall 1993)

1,500 About the ineffectual Japanese suicide submarine program at the end of WW II. Command #32 (spring 1995)
Apocalypse Next: Peru

(spring 1994)

11,000 The Sendero Luminoso guerrilla movement in Peru, 1980-. ST #179 (November 1996)
The South African Defence Forces Today

(early 1994)

2,000 Description of the SADF and its likely conflict scenarios in the then-near future. ST #175 (June 1995)
Pu Yi and Manzhouguo

(summer 1995)

3,000 On the Last Emperor of China and the bizarre puppet kingdom the Japanese created for him in Manchuria. ST #184 (August 1997)
From the Barrel of a Gun

(fall 1995)

9,000 A Political History of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army: involvement of the PLA in Chinese politics and vice versa, 1949-90. ST #184 (August 1997)
The Canadian Forces Today

(fall 1995)

2,000 On the then-current status of the Canadian Armed Forces. ST #191 (August 1998)
Nuclear Weapons in the Korean War

(winter 1995)

3,000 On why the Americans planned to but ultimately didn’t use atomic bombs in the Korean War. ST #178 (August 1996)
The Bonus Army of 1932

(late 1995)

2,500 On incident during the Great Depression when an army of unemployed veterans gathered in Washington to demand help and were scattered by troops. My most plagiarized article. ST #179 (November 1996), Press for Conversion #53 (April 2004), many student papers (1998-)
The Pentomic Division

(winter 1995)

2,000 On US Army experiment to reorganize their combat divisions for nuclear warfare in the 1950s. Cry Havoc #21 (February 1998), ST #194 (May 1999)
The Kronstadt Uprising

(winter 1995)

2,000 On the anti-Bolshevik uprising at the naval fortress outside St. Petersburg/ Petrograd in 1921. Command #54 (November 2000)
The Last Campaign: Manchuria 1945

(fall 1996)

3,000 On the one-week campaign by the USSR to smash the Japanese armies in Manchuria in the last weeks of WW II. ST #190 (June 1998)
Springtime of the Peoples

(winter 1996)

12,000 On the European revolutions of 1848 in France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. ST #186 (December 1997)
Paris in the Spring

(winter 1996)

13,000 The rise and fall of the Commune of 1871. ST #187 (February 1998)
Peng-Nan: China’s Revolutionary Wars

(summer 1996)

14,000 On the various revolutionary wars fought in China 1927-49. ST#188 (April 1998)
The Commonwealth Division in Korea

(spring 1997)

1,800 On the composite British/ Canadian/ Australian division that served in Korea 1951-53. ST #195 (August 1999)
The First Indochina War

(summer 1997)

12,000 ST #191 (August 1998)
Habbakuk, the Frozen Carrier

(March 1998)

1,200 The eccentric British inventor Geoffrey Pyke’s plan to build 2-million-ton carriers of ice and wood pulp. Command #54 (November 2000)
The South African National Defence Force

(June 1998)

1,200 Substantial rewrite and update of 1995 SADF article. ST #194 (May 1999)
Live Free or Die Fighting

(April 1999)

7,000 Nestor Makhno and the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of the Ukraine, 1919-21. ST #201 (August 2000)

(June 1999)

8,000 Finland’s Continuation War against Russia, 1941-44. ST #199 (May 2000)
The Development of the Canadian Army, 1660-1900

(early 2004)

7,500 ST #226 (December 2004).
The French and Indian War, 1754-60:

(summer 2005)

9,000 Published in two parts (The French & Indian War and Battles of the French and Indian War). ST #231 (September 2005)
Robert Rogers & the Rangers

(summer 2005)

900 On Rogers and Ranger companies that he founded; includes Rangers’ Standing Orders. ST #237 (August 2006)
The Spanish Civil War

(early 2009)

9,300 World at War #8 (October 2009)
The China Incident

(January 2009)

7,600 On the 1937-41 phase of the conflict. ST #259 (October 2009)
The Greek Civil War

(summer 2009)

5,000 Covers period 1944-49. World at War #14 (October 2010)
How Not To Do It: The Raid on Dieppe, 1942

(December 2009)

8,000 On the disastrous cross-Channel raid. ST #265 (October 2010)
The Civil War in Greece, 1943-49

(summer 2009)

4,000 Mostly bits that did not run in earlier article on the war in different magazine, due to space. Modern War #11 (May-June 2014)
Pentagon Wargaming:  or, Life on MORS

(spring 2012)

1,500 On the divide between professional and hobby wargaming. Modern War #1 (Sep-Oct 2012)
The Next Lebanon War

(January 2013)

5,300 On recent Israel-Hezbollah conflict in Lebanon, and hypothetical near-future invasion by IDF. Modern War #13 (Sep – Oct 2014)
The CIDG in Vietnam

(May-June 2014)

 7,500  Growth and development of the Civilian Irregular Defense Group program.  Modern War #18 (Aug-Sep 2015)
Thinking About and Through Abstract Games

(late 2014)

 1,500  Comment on cognition and development through play of abstract strategy games.  YAAH! magazine #2 (May 2015)
Jewel of the South: Kandahar, Afghanistan

(March 2015)

 6,500  War in Kandahar City, 2001-14  Modern War #21 (Jan-Feb 2016)
Balkan Gambit: The Invasions That Weren’t, 1943-45

(summer 2015)

 7,000  Allied deception plans, and some real ones, for invading Greece/Balkans in WW II.  ST #298 (Feb-Mar 2016)
The Finnish Civil War

(summer 2016)

 6,400  Longer piece on the Civil War of 1918.  Counterfact #8 (2018)
 The Finnish Civil War

(summer 2016)

 2.000 Shorter narrative piece on Finnish Civil War of 1918.  Paper Wars #84 (December 2016)
 Orwell in the Army

(summer 2016)

 2,000 Short piece on Eric Blair’s military career, from Eton COTC to Home Guard sergeant.  Counterfact #7 (2018)

This list does not include many written interviews, game reviews, game variants, blog posts, extended in-jokes, and other things I have written or published, nor does it include the year I edited and wrote much of Strategist, the newsletter of the Strategy Gaming Society (2000). Didn’t get paid for any of that except for trades and egoboo.



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