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COIN and IW Related Geeklists (from

Designers and some of their relevant (insurgency-, pol-mil-, civil-discord-related) games

(note, some games listed here are long out of print and difficult to obtain – search out individual titles at )

  • Mark Acres: The Twilight War
  • James F. Dunnigan: Chicago-Chicago, Minuteman: the Second American Revolution, Plot to Assassinate Hitler, Up Against the Wall
  • Karsten Engelmann: Crisis Games: Colombia
  • Lawrence Harris: National Liberation Front
  • Kim Kanger: Ici, C’est La France!, Tonkin
  • Ben Madison: Liberia – Descent Into Hell
  • Joseph Miranda: Angola, BCT Command Kandahar (with Brian Train), Battle for Baghdad (with Jon Compton), Crisis 2000, Decision: Iraq, Dien Bien Phu, Drive on Baghdad, Holy War: Afghanistan, In Country, Indochina, Nicaragua, Operation Anaconda, Sealords, Somali Pirates, Winged Horse
  • Volko Ruhnke: A Distant Plain, Andean Abyss, Cuba Libre, Falling Sky, Fire in the Lake, Labyrinth
  • Brian Train: A Distant Plain (with Volko Ruhnke), Algeria, Andartes, Army of Shadows, Battle of Seattle, BCT Command Kandahar (with Joe Miranda), Binh Dinh ’69, Caudillo, Chile ’73, Civil Power, Colonial Twilight, District Commander series, EOKA, Greek Civil War, Green Beret, Guerrilla Checkers, Kandahar, Land of the Free, Next War in Lebanon, Operation Whirlwind, Palace Coup, Power Play, Red Guard, Shining Path, Somalia, Third Lebanon War, Tupamaro, Ukrainian Crisis, Uprising, Virtualia
  • Lynn Willis: Bloodtree Rebellion

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3 Responses to Game Links and Resources

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  2. Paul torres says:

    Do you have any more panzerblitz-panzer leader, AIW scenarios forthcoming

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