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Yes, I also give away some of my game designs! Follow the links below, download the files, print them out and have cheap fun….

  1. Battle of Seattle
  2. Caudillo
  3. Guerrilla Checkers
  4. Maracas
  5. Paranoid Delusions
  6. Third Lebanon War
  7. Ukrainian Crisis

I’d appreciate if you would send me any comments you may have, provided they are constructive and/or adulatory (as always, I am not responsible if any of these files make your machine go **SPUNG**, though I don’t see how… ).


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Akito and I made a large version of the game with dollar-store miniatures... the cops came ready-made, we repurposed some of them as protestors.

Akito and I once made a large version of the game with dollar-store miniatures… the cops came ready-made, we repurposed some of them as protestors.


A mini-game inspired by the anti-WTO riots in Seattle November 30 – December 3, 1999. Sort of a hybrid of my Civil Power game and Joe Miranda’s LA Lawless, this one has 96 counters, an 11×17″ area map of downtown Seattle, and the usual 3-4 pages of rules and charts. It came together very quickly and I think you’ll like it, that is if you like this sort of thing. Was published in the March 2000 issue of Strategist, the newsletter of the Strategy Gaming Society, and has been “copylefted” onto a few left-wing websites (I don’t mind, as long as they give credit where it is due).

Battle of Seattle rules and charts

Battle of Seattle double set of counters

Battle of Seattle map


Cover art by John Kula. His last published work.


A 2-5 player card game on power politics in a fictional Latin American state, based on Venezuela. I originally designed this in 2013, in advance of Hugo Chavez’s eventual passing from power and/or life. Now that he is gone, and Venezuela is passing through an especially dark patch (this is written at the end of 2016), perhaps it is time to just release this into the wild instead of trying to find a good deal on professionally printed cards and 90 pieces of original art.

I liked working on this game because there is a constant tension within it between competition (as players vie to create the largest and most durable power base) and cooperation (as the card deck delivers more and more crises that players must deal with collectively, or the country will collapse). Coups, too!

The free PnP version consists of 90 cards, 230 counters, and the usual rules and play aids. You print ’em, you cut ’em, you stick ’em or sleeve ’em.

I also offer a hand-assembled version with: 90 cards printed on coloured cardstock and hand-cut; 60 die-cut pre-punched counters; and 120 small coloured wooden cubes for $50 US, which includes postage. If you want one of these, let me know at; I take (and prefer) Paypal.

Here are the files for the free version:

caudillo-pnp-crisis-cards (Crisis cards and Scoring Round cards)

caudillo-pnp-group-cards (Group cards, Personality cards, Sequence of Play reminders)

caudillo-ctrs-pnp191216 (counters)

caudrls-124 (rules and play aid)

caud-pnp-assembly-notes (notes on how to print and assemble the cards and counters)


My good friend Andreas playing the game with his kids.

My good friend Andreas playing the game with his kids.


A hybrid of Checkers and Go, for two players. The “Guerrilla” player, using small Go stones, plays on the intersection points of the checkerboard squares to surround and capture the enemy pieces. Meanwhile, the “Counterinsurgent” player, using checkers, moves on the checkerboard squares to jump and capture the enemy.

Equipment required: checkerboard, six checkers, and 66 small flat pieces (buttons, glass beads, small Go stones, etc.).

Rules, with commentary and pre-printed board: Gcheck 2sided

VASSAL module by Joel Toppen also available:

And a beta of Guerrilla Checkers for Android devices, programmed by Richard Gould. No AI of course but it looks great!


Maracas ctrsnip              Maracas mapsnip


Maracas uses the District Commander diceless, operational-level counterinsurgency system. It takes place in “Maracas”, the fictional megacity capital of the equally fictitious nation of Virtualia (which was also the locale for my game Caudillo, see above).

I am making it available for free print-and-play download as an example of the District Commander system itself (further modules (Algeria, Vietnam, Afghanistan) will be published in future by Hollandspiele), and an introductory game on asymmetrical warfare in a modern large city.

Game files:

DC standard rules10 5 June  System rules (a bit long and chatty but they introduce new concepts and many variations)

DC Maracas x-rules10 5 June  Exclusive rules (a lot shorter but they introduce some changes and extra units)

DC maracas charts10 5 June   Player aids and charts

DC system counters 4july   Set of standard system counters (176 x 5/8″): infrastructure, chance chits, intelligence chits, insurgent units and assets

DC Maracas ctrs88 7 June   Set of exclusive counters (88 x 5/8″): Government/Foreign units and assets, extra insurgent, intelligence pieces

DCmaracasmap1-1722 23 may  Area movement map (made to be printed out at 17×22″)


Spanish-language cover art, made by unknown benefactor.

Spanish-language cover art, made by unknown benefactor.


In the game, each player adopts simultaneously two roles: the Paranoid, who represents a lone conspiracy nut; and the Enemy, who represents a network of real or unreal groups hiding a nefarious secret. Each Paranoid must struggle with his own weakening grasp on sanity to reveal the Groups, Methods and Goals used by the other players’ Enemies. Meanwhile, the Enemies do their best to mislead the Paranoids, betray their competing plotters to them, or just drive them insane (for purposes of entertainment only, though some people do take their games much too seriously). There are two ways to win the game, and part of a winning strategy is attacking yourself!

Paranoid Delusions rules

Paranoid Delusions charts

Paranoid Delusions counters




As detailed here ( my game on a hypothetical invasion of southern Lebanon by the Israeli Defence Forces in the near future was published by Decision Games in summer 2014 in a state unacceptable to me as its designer.

When I received my subscriber (!) copy of the game, I immediately made the original version of the game available for free Print and Play. So, until such time as this game is picked up by another publisher (unlikely) or I publish it in paper form myself through BTR Games (more likely but contingent on time to do it), here are the game files for you to download and play. As you can see from the game being played above, it’s nothing fancy but it’s better than what came out of the DG sausage machine – and the price is right.

3Leb war map2 (map)

3Lebwar charts (charts)

3Leb OOB mats (Order of Battle mats)

3Lebwar rules 3 Nov 11 (rules)

3Lebwar Cascading Effects Event Chart (Cascading Effects Event Chart)

3Leb counters2 (counters)


Banner by Rodger MacGowan.

Banner by Rodger MacGowan.


A free print and play game on the Ukraine Crisis of spring 2014. Designed over the weekend of March 15-16 2014, during which the referendum on whether the Crimea should leave Ukraine and join the Russian Federation was held, the situation was changing hourly and an outright invasion of Ukraine seemed possible if not likely. It’s a fairly simple pol-mil game with card play on the military, diplomatic and information-warfare fronts combined with a simple counter game if someone decides to “go kinetic” – though it’s quite possible to play the game without ever doing so. is the page of this website where the game is available and described in a bit more detail. It has attracted by far the largest number of visitors, but I fear that well over 99% of the people who click in see that awww, it’s a paper game and geee, they have to print it and play it themselves, so they click elsewhere.

But if you are one of the few with time, a printer and some crafting skills (glue and scissors), here are the files!

UA_Crisis_ctrs2 (counters)

UA crisis map1722-1 (map)

uacr-cds-20 (Resource and Event cards)

uacr-rls-20 (rules and play aid)

VASSAL module by Martin Hogan also available free, though it’s for a slightly earlier version:

A slightly different version of Ukrainian Crisis was published by Hollandspiele in early 2017, in boxed format with better art and some extra components that allow a longer game.

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