Talking with the Soldiers of Reason


Definitely not as illustrated!

Next Wednesday, February 24, I will be giving a short lunchtime talk at the RAND¬†Centre for Gaming in Washington DC: “How can civilian wargames contribute to the development of professional wargames?”

I don’t promise all, or even very many, of the answers to this question but I hope we’ll have a good general discussion. Later that day we’ll also have some more guided discussion on systems I have used in my game systems and their applications.

In advance of this I’ll post my script and slides here, as I have done for other presentations.

I’m looking forward to this very much! I’ll also be spending a couple of extra days in DC to drop in on places and people.

First talk notes

First talk slides

Second talk notes

Second talk slides


Winter Thunder: Japanese rules available

The inestimable Masahiro Yamazaki has created a Japanese translation of the rules to Winter Thunder.

Get them hereabouts:

Many thanks, Masahiro!