Speaking at TableFlip, October 4-5

In a few weeks I’ll be attending TableFlip, a small (limit of only 75 attendees) gathering in San Francisco of and for game designers and the people who love their productsThis is not a game convention: no exhibits, no tournament play, no flea market or panels. Instead, five game designers will speak on the mechanics and processes of one or two games they are best known for, and then attendees will have sessions of group play of these games, attended and advised by the designers.

The designers involved are:

David Malki (designer of Machine of Death and Wondermark) on “Theme vs. Mechanics” followed by Play Session (War)

Volko Ruhnke & Brian Train on “Wargaming Counterinsurgency”, followed by Play Session (Fire in the Lake & A Distant Plain)

Max Temkin (designer of Cards Against Humanity and Tabletop Deathmatch) on “Folk & Physical Tabletop Games”

Matt Leacock (designer of Pandemic and Forbidden Desert) on “Player Autonomy in Forbidden Desert” followed by Play Session (Forbidden Desert)

This is an interesting idea for a gathering, like a really interactive and focused conference, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Also, I’ve never been to San Francisco before! I have only a few hours to look around, though.

Site: http://tableflip.us/

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