Play my games digitally


This page is a set of links to various websites where you can find files to play my published games online for free.

None of this is my own work, except for the original game of course: I am a long way from being able to produce my own VASSAL modules, though it is something I admit I need to learn how to do.

Until then, you can get the following titles. Note that some of these modules and files might have been made some time ago and would be for earlier editions of a game. Whuddya whuddya, it’s free and someone did this out of the goodness of his heart.

VASSAL Modules

Thanks to Michel Boucher, Przemek Bozek, Paul Heron, Martin Hogan, David Janik-Jones, and Joel Toppen for their work.

Cyberboard Gameboxes

Cyberboard (

Thanks to Daryl Anderson, Andy Loakes, Walter O’Hara, Mike Welsh, and Noel Wright for making these.

Android App

As a special treat, here is a beta of Guerrilla Checkers for Android devices, programmed by Richard Gould. No AI of course but it looks great!


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