Interview at The Players Aid blog: Tupamaro


The ever-alert Grant Kleinheinz, one of the “Faithful Eight” (readers of this blog, that is) asked me some questions about Tupamaro, my game on the Uruguayan urban guerrilla movement that is coming out soon from One Small Step Games (Tupamaro available for pre-order from OSS Games!)

Step over and have a look!

Interview at The Players Aid blog: UACR/TLW


Map by Tim Allen.

Over at The Players Aid blog, a long interview describing the background and mechanics of The Little War and Ukrainian Crisis. Jokes too!

Go have a look.

Interview on The Player’s Aid: The Scheldt Campaign


Over at the Player’s Aid blog, a long interview with me on The Scheldt Campaign.

Interview on The Player’s Aid, Part 3


Over at The Player’s Aid blog, the final part of a three-part interview with me where we finish off talking about Colonial Twilight and move on to other topics, including what’s on my designer dance-card right now.

Part 2 is here

Part 1 is here

Hope you liked it! It was interesting to write.

By the way, today’s look at the GMT P500 page shows that pre-orders for Colonial Twilight have just hit the 1,100 mark! Hurray!


Interview on The Player ‘s Aid, Part 2


Over at The Player’s Aid blog, the second part of three of an interview with me on Colonial Twilight.

Interview on The Players’ Aid, Part I


Think I’ll use this picture every time I post about one of my interviews.

Over at the prolifically-posting blog The Players’ Aid, Part I of III of an interview with me about Colonial Twilight (mostly).

Link to Part II is here:

Interview on The Player ‘s Aid, Part 2

Link to Part III is here:

Interview in C3i 29


Apropos of nothing, a picture of me drinking a cuppa joe I really did make myself (long story).


I’ve been lucky enough to be asked by several people over the last few years about my  opinions on games, game design, and the games I design. I don’t think there is any one blog post or podcast or paper that encapsulates my philosophy – I am not sure I even have one, I think I just have thoughts and methods to express the thoughts (but maybe that’s what one is).

But last year Sam Sheikh interviewed me for C3i, a board wargaming magazine published by Rodger B. MacGowan (a longstanding great wargame artist, and a designer in his own right). The interview appeared in issue #29 and it’s a good selection of answers about how I got into game designing, what I like to see in the games I design, and how games portray modern irregular warfare (or don’t).

This is a scan of that section of the magazine. I hope you will find it interesting.

C3i29 intvw

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