Colonial Twilight nominated for IGA!


Colonial Twilight has been nominated for a 2018 International Gamers Award, in the “General Strategy – 2 player” category!

GMT Games tweeted the news, with the additional information that of over 300 games they have published, fewer than a dozen have been nominated for an IGA. Only one has ever won, and that one was Twilight Struggle.

However, one of the other nominations, and the next most wargamelike, is 13 Days: the Cuban Missile Crisis, so that one’s going to win for sure. That one, or Fog of Love, which also looks quite interesting.

But it’s nice to be named.

[EDIT: the winner was Codenames Duet, some kind of guessing game.]

And awaaay we go once more…


For the Last Big Trip of 2018. I’m leaving for the UK on Friday the 31st, for the Connections-UK conference on professional wargaming at Kings College London, 4-6 September.

I’ll be presenting on game design as journalism (a very revised version of the San Diego PCA presentation), doing a semi-structured dialogue on creativity and design with Volko Ruhnke on stage (and I think I will never write about creativity or the creative process again, I’ve spent weeks dithering and thinking about it and it has been driving me nuts…), and chairing a plenary session on “wargame validation” where the speakers are using A Distant Plain and Ukrainian Crisis as examples.

“Journalism” presentation text: Games journalism 29 Aug and the slides: Games journalism 29 aug

We’ll also have the game demos and plays: I am bringing Guerrilla Checkers as always, and advertising play of Second Lebanon War from the Brief Border Wars quad (actually I am bringing the whole quad, in case someone wants to play Cyprus 1974 or Vietnam 1979 instead). And we will be demonstrating We Are Coming, Nineveh! too.

Before and after will be playtesting of things, merry meetings, a megagame organized by Jim Wallman (one of my favourite madmen), a puppet show on a barge, and general snooping around!

I may post from Blighty, or I may not… as usual I am working off the little tablet with tiny keyboard.

Be good while I’m gone!