Interview at The Player’s Aid: Gandhi

Bruce Mansfield is in the process of developing Gandhi, a new COIN system game that covers the exit of Britain from India, 1917-47. This is his first “large game” and takes the system in a new but for me inevitable direction: the incorporation of nonviolence into a violent situation. I say inevitable because I have always felt that the COIN system would do well in any number of power-politics situations; it doesn’t always have to be about an actual war.

The game made its P500 point extremely quickly, in just over 24 hours, and I am one of the people on the preorder list. The game will probably be out next summer if all goes well and I’m very interested to see what develops.

Anyway, the interview, per Grant Kleinheinz’s usual style, is extensive and detailed and will tell you all you want to know about the game in its present state:


Springtime in Caracas

CP Cover

Civil Power for a tactical examination of the situation.


Caudillo for an operational, pol-mil look.







Three dead yesterday, bringing the total to eight. Pro-government armed groups threatening and sniping at marching protesters, while the police and military deal with any heavy-duty confrontations. Arrests of real or imagined “coup plotters”. Economic and industrial chaos spins further out of control.

This looks bad, and it’s going to get worse, even if (or especially if) Maduro leaves office, through the door or on it.

Tupamaro available for pre-order from OSS Games!


OSS edition cover. Art by Ania B. Ziolkowska

Tupamaro will be released as #13 in One Small Step’s line of small, quick and clever folio games!

Pre-order at:

Pre-order price is $19.95, retail price later will be $24.95.

Nice-looking art by Ania B. Ziolkowska!

Everyone climb aboard for Lucky Thirteen!

NOTE: This also means that the DTP-quality, BTR Games version of the game will not be available, while this edition remains available from One Small Step… which means from now. You’ll just have to suffer with the generously sized, nicely pre-printed and colourful components in this one. I know you’ll pull through.

Interview at The Players Aid blog: UACR/TLW


Map by Tim Allen.

Over at The Players Aid blog, a long interview describing the background and mechanics of The Little War and Ukrainian Crisis. Jokes too!

Go have a look.

Xmas Xhopping List

(original image by Kelly Freas)

Over at The Players Aid blog, some friendly direction on what to get for Christmas:

The Scheldt Campaign is #9 on the list, so yeah, you should get one of those. Or more.

Others on the list are Liberty or Death and Fire in the Lake, and a new one on me that looks interesting, The Fog of War by Geoff Engelstein.

Interview on The Player’s Aid: The Scheldt Campaign


Over at the Player’s Aid blog, a long interview with me on The Scheldt Campaign.


Goodnight children, everywhere…. Uncle Mac