More Reviews of A Distant Plain

More reviews of A Distant Plain have been surfacing in my Googling around.
They’ve all been pretty positive.

Before Game Design:

Games Gazette:

Marco Arnaudo on Youtube (Marco is a longtime player and reviewer who is famous for his narly 500 video reviews):

No Fun Allowed

[edited to add:] The above was about the COIN system in general and partly about ADP; an even more in-depth and perceptive post just on ADP, was posted later:

Shut Up and Sit Down

Have you found another one?
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A Distant Plain in the WaPo Magazine

In this week’s Washington Post Magazine: an interesting, well-written piece by Jason Albert on A Distant Plain that also touches on other subjects.

I understand there were significant editorial cuts and changes after Jason submitted his story, both for length and content, which accounts for the complete absence of the co-designer’s name…or that there was even a co-designer at all.

Never mind, such is the fate of authors everywhere: to suffer at the hands of tin-eared, flint-brained editors. It’s still a good piece on Volko Ruhnke and his work, and respectful of the hobby – articles on serious manual games that both appear in the mainstream press and go beyond “hey lookit dem egghead weirdos” are rare indeed.