Games Without Frontiers 2.0



As part of the University of Victoria’s “Ideafest”, going on this week, there will be a session titled “Games w/o Frontiers: The Social Power of Video (& Other) Games”. This will include a game jam, where participants will be asked to work on creating a game to help resettle refugees or shift Canadian attitudes about the refugee experience.

Quote from

In Ideafest, the refugee experience will become the focus of a “game jam.”

It’s a session where participants brainstorm ideas. Then, with the assistance of two mentors, both experienced game designers, they can come up with ideas for plotting the refugee experience in a game format. It might be a board game, like Monopoly, or a card game or a video game.

But the idea will be to imagine or reconstruct an experience, in this case a refugee experience, to foster positive social change. It might help teach genuine refugees to navigate the Canadian experience. It might sensitize Canadians to what refugees need and would appreciate.

Meanwhile, other sessions in the Ideafest event will include discussions and exploration of issues such as games in education, virtual reality, games for health and games as art.

One of the the “experienced game designers” doing the mentoring is me!

I’ll be there in the morning, then I will be covering a table elsewhere in MacLaurin A-Wing with some of my games for display. Think I’ll set up A Distant Plain and Ukrainian Crisis, and have a few giveaway copies of Guerrilla Checkers ready. Stop by and say hi!

Game w/o Frontiers is on March 12, noon to 4:30 p.m. in the MacLaurin Building.

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7 Responses to Games Without Frontiers 2.0

  1. alsandor says:

    I can see a game showing the refugees as displaced schtroumpf (the noun, not the verb or the adjective, aka Smurf in second official language) with Brad Wall in the role of Gargamel and Jason Kenney as his faithful cat Azrael.

  2. defling says:

    One day manual games will retain their rightful place at the top of the bill. The “Puppet Show & Spinal Tap” treatment has got to go.

  3. defling says:

    Also, please don’t re-invent Monopoly just to please the publicists. It’s just not worth it.

    • brtrain says:

      What if I re-themed Monopoly as a strange fighting game involving landmines (owned properties) and life points ($)?
      (Thanks David Malki!)

      • defling says:

        That would rule. Okay, I’m in. But if this is a group exercise, I bet you won’t be able to get around worker placement.

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