Kandahar is shipping!

Pre-ordered copies of Kandahar are nosing their way into the postal system right now!

If you haven’t already, get yours at http://ossgamescart.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=50 !

Only $24.95!

Frighten Grandpa!

This is the last of the four folios of mine to be released by OSS this year. OSS is planning to do another round of new titles next year, and it’s quite probable I will have one or more of mine in the mix! I’ve been quite pleased with how this has worked out – Ania Ziolkowska’s maps are very good, the counters well-printed and nicely cut, presentation overall has been great.

We’ve seeing a resurgence of small wargames games these past few years – not like the first waves of Micro-games and Capsule games back in the 80s, but substantial enough – and these OSS items are among the best (IMO of course).

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9 Responses to Kandahar is shipping!

  1. John Kula says:

    Pity about the cover art.
    Did OSS ever see the original?
    Can you exercise any kind of veto?

    • brtrain says:

      Yes, it is.
      Yes, they did, with my strong recommendation.
      No, I can’t.
      But OSS intends to do more Folio games, so perhaps you should point out that you are experienced, good, and available.
      I intend to.

  2. bottosconadmin says:

    Brian, how does this compare to your Green Beret game? And for that matter, BCT Kandahar which you also contributed to.

    • alsandor says:

      BCT Kandahar does not use Brian’s patented COIN system. It plays in ten turns IIRC, and if one of Brian’s games ends in ten turns, you’re not playing very well 😉

      I need to get myself one of these gravatar, but every time I look at the info page, my eyes glaze over.

      • brtrain says:

        I don’t know if my system is patented or not (and anyway, I have at least four or five systems on the go, several of which deal with COIN) but Kandahar is a development of the system found in Shining Path, Algeria, Andartes, and Tupamaro (each one of wich is different in its own way too, these are not exaclty quad games but they are of the same family). It’s quite a departure from these earlier ones, though, and does borrow a bit from my design work on BCT Kandahar.
        And yes Michel, the game length is open-ended but you can call optionally call for victory checks every so often if things are dragging on, and judge a victory that way.
        Gravatar – don’t you have one already? Who is that guy?

      • alsandor says:

        “Gravatar – don’t you have one already? Who is that guy?”

        It’s a head shot of me taken about 40 years ago by an ex-lover (which is to say we were exes when she took it).

  3. alsandor says:

    “Only $24.95! Frighten Grandpa!”

    Is that a new meme? 🙂

    So, I thought I had passed over Kandahar,. but it turns out I did order it, completist as I am.

    • brtrain says:

      Gee, do you suppose we could make it a new meme?

      Image search yields nothing useful except

      As for being a completist Michel, you also have to get my District Commander module on Kandahar, once I get around to producing it… then you will have all three of my games about Kandahar Province.

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