Airborne Church!

Over on David Dockter informs me (

“The Russian military has introduced a high-tech air-dropped church along with a unit of priests trained in parachuting and vehicle assembly to serve the army and navy’s Orthodox Christian soldiers in the field. The European country claims its airborne-friendly and ready-to-assemble house of worship is the first the world has ever seen, although similar structures have long been in existence.”

Looks like a unit for your game, Mr.Train. 

No room to include this one in the counter mix but I wondered about the unit symbology to use for it:



The one on the left for the TO&E “wire diagram”, the one on the left for the installation in the field… though I am not sure what exact system the Russian Federation uses for its maps now, I am sure someone will fill me in, here or on BGG….

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4 Responses to Airborne Church!

  1. Kingdaddy says:

    The United States needs to match this capability. Then we can rename the 101st Airborne “the Screaming Episcopals.”

    • brtrain says:

      That interested me, so I went and looked it up… according to this 2009 study of the US military as a whole ( the rough order of precedence is “no religious preference”, followed by Catholic and Baptist. Episcopalians less than 1 percent, sorry! But I have a suspicion that certain faiths (Evangelicals, Charismatics) may be concentrated in certain branches….

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