New post on InsideGMT: Colonial Twilight Operations and Special Activities


Over at the InsideGMT blog, about 3,000 words on the menus of Operations and Special Activities available to the two players.

In a couple of weeks I will write another post on the Propaganda Round sequence of play, and about the Pivotal Event cards each side has. After that, I don’t think there is much more to describe about this game!

Leaving tomorrow for BottosCon 2016, the annual wargame convention in saturated Surrey. Always a good time, and nice to meet so many people I often meet just once a year at this event.

Items I will be bringing with me for people to paw through and try include: Caudillo, Chile ’73, Colonial Twilight, EOKA, The Little War, and Red Horde 1920. Plus giveaway copies of Guerrilla Checkers and Uprising.

Scheldt Campaign: Designer’s notes for the 2nd edition

(I do an image search for “Dutch mud” and this is what I get.)

Over at Hollandspiele Games’ site, some notes they asked me to write on the design, development and second edition of The Scheldt Campaign:

Toddle over and check it out!

Also, I have just been informed that PnP copies of The Scheldt Campaign are now available from The Wargame Vault for $12.00. That’s pretty cheap, but you will be missing the chunky goodness of laser-cut counters and the nice map.