Green Beret back in stock at OSS!


One Small Step advises that Green Beret is back in stock.

Getcher copy now, if you’ve been waiting!

If you’ve “alriddy gat wan”, buy one for a friend or trusted enemy!  $22.95!

OSS Games Summer Sale! 20% Off!

One Small Step Games has announced its Summer Sale!

On now through the 4th of July, get 20% off on all published items.

Amounts to five bucks off each of my folio designs with OSS.

Sale does not include items already on sale, pre-order games, or subscriptions… so Tupamaro is not eligible as it’s still in pre-order.

Use coupon code “SummerSale” at checkout.


Unboxing (unbagging?) of Green Beret

Rob Bottos, of BottosCon fame, bought a copy of Green Beret and recorded his first impressions.

Thanks Rob, I hope you enjoy the game!

Review of Green Beret by Dr. Arrigo Velicogna

GB Cover

Excellent long review of Green Beret by Dr. Arrigo Velicogna of King’s College London’s Department of War Studies:

He had the earlier DTP version to work with, but the OSS Folio edition is just the same, only with much better components.

Thank you Arrigo!