Update on BTR Games

A bit more clarity on what will be happening with a few of my designs:


BGmbl cover


The Allied invasions of the Balkans that never happened. One of the great what-ifs of World War 2 in the Mediterranean theatre, at least to Hitler and the German High Command, was the possibility of an Allied invasion of Greece and/or Yugoslavia. The Allies knew the Germans perceived such invasions as a credible threat and created several strategic deception plans, leading the Germans to move or keep critical troop formations in northern Italy and the Balkans when they would have been much more useful somewhere else. Scenarios for 1943, 1944, 1945, and a hypothetical 1950 Soviet invasion of Yugoslavia. Uses the Autumn Mist/ Summer Lightning/ Winter Thunder system of formation activations and almost-diceless combat with mission matrix, at a larger scale: 1 week/turn; 30 km/hex; division/brigade; 17×22″ hex map and 280 double-sided counters. Many “chrome” rules to cover the fragmented human, political and physical terrain of the area.

Only TEN copies have been made; I keep one, and the map/cover artist Kula gets one. That leaves eight, and one of those has been sold already. Also, the price for these is $25 each, since it has twice the map, printed (not copied) onto quality heavy stock (the same as used for Ian Weir’s Red Sash Games (http://redsashgames.com/), and twice the usual number of counters. This also makes it heavier, so postage (which is included in the price) is higher.

AVAILABLE SOON (but not from me)


ALGERIA (redux)

To come from OSS Games in 2016, as part of their Folio series. Comprehensive overhaul and revision of 1999’s Algeria: The War for Independence. Revised and streamlined rules, 17×22″ map, 140 back-printed counters, scenarios.

Winter Thunder cover


Coming very soon from Tiny Battles Publishing, as noted previously. A redesign of Autumn Mist, my historical game on the Battle of the Bulge. I was getting a reputation that I only design games on obscure topics and battles. But there is an unwritten rule that every game designer has to do a Bulge game, so this one is mine. Mission Matrix idea for combat system was also used in Summer Lightning (Lock n’ Load, 2011) and Balkan Gamble. 17×22″ hex map of the Ardennes at 5 km per hex, division/brigade scale, 2 days/turn, 176 back-printed counters. Very nice new artwork!

To come from OSS Games in 2016, as part of their Folio series. Simpler game on insurgency in this coastal province of Vietnam in 1969. Originally designed for use in a university history course on 20th Century violence. Uses a one-off system rather like Green Beret’s but taken up a notch, and a bucket-of-dice combat resolution method. Like all folio games so far, 17×22″ map and 140 double-sided counters.
Cover art to come.

Cover art to come.


To come from OSS Games in 2016/17, possibly as a boxed game or for Counterfact magazine. Original version of Next War in Lebanon, same as is freely downloadable from this website now but very nice artwork and die-cut, double-sided counters. Great if you don’t like the craft projects that are PnP games!