2022-02 Urban Operations Planner Course

QUICK lesson 1 geroux

(photo: Jayson Geroux)

I’ve spent the last week attending the second serial of the Urban Operations Planners Course, run by the 40th Infantry Division (California Army National Guard) and held at Joint Force Training Base Los Alamitos. And what an interesting week it was!

A solid week of really great lectures and exercises on urban warfare, featuring people like COL John Spencer of the Modern War Institute’s Urban Warfare Project, Stuart Lyle of the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Dr. Jacob Stoil of the School of Advanced Military Studies, and MAJ Jayson Geroux of the Royal Canadian Regiment. I met a lot of really interesting students as well – most were Americans but there were also  students from the Australian, British, Chilean, Dutch, and German armies.

Unfortunately soon after I arrived at the Base I developed a bad summer cold that also turned into laryngitis… fortunately my voice recovered just in time, for the last day was a “learn by doing” exercise featuring group play of the Quick Urban Integrated Combat Kriegsspiel or QUICK, designed by yours truly… I’ve been working on it since last December.


It landed very very well; the 40 students seemed really engaged by it. Also, about 20 remote students played online at the same time, using a VASSAL module produced by Curt Pangracs at the Command General and Staff College.


(Of course people got to use their Military Pointing Skills!)

This was the first time I had the opportunity to teach a game, any game, to a large group of people, many of whom were non-gamers. Fortunately I had a set of great facilitators including faculty from the Joint Special Operations University, Stuart Lyle and students and instructors of the course. It never would have worked without them!

The QUICK now joins the range of free print-and-play games I offer on this website; it’s available to everyone – files are on this separate page: The QUICK Page

However, be aware that I will soon be making some small changes and revisions to the game rules and charts due to feedback and comments from the students.

Me and BG

Me and BGEN Robert Wooldridge, Deputy Commander of 40ID, sponsor of the course and avid wargamer himself.

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6 Responses to 2022-02 Urban Operations Planner Course

  1. Aaron D. says:


    Good show…I will check out QUICK. I’d like to add info on urban terrorism to their web page. Is there a specific POC that you know to whom I can send info, perhaps on this contact page? https://calguard.ca.gov/40id-urban-warfare/

    Best, Aaron

    • brtrain says:

      That contact page is likely the best place to start.
      There is a general email address: 40ID-urban-warfare@army.mil

      The focus of the course was firmly on large-scale combat operations or LSCO, though we spent a lot of time talking about “hybrid warfare” so there is recognition of that.
      And the QUICK includes optional rules for insurgent units and cells, law enforcement, criminals, and both state and non-state militia … as much as I could fit in with the limited cardboard available.

      • Aaron D. says:

        Thanks Brian. I am thinking more for the military police. The US Army doesn’t have too many MP units anymore.

        • brtrain says:

          We did spend a lot of time talking about the responsibility for, care and treatment of civilians in the urban battlefield, and about avoiding civilian harm and the roles of Civil Affairs units. One presenter talked about a conjectural combined CA and MP unit: the COST (Civil Operations Support Team).

  2. Brant says:

    LOVE that this partnership paid off 🙂

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