Civil Power: correction on ADS


Erratum for Civil Power:

I have been informed that the Active Denial System (ADS, colloquially known as the “heat ray”) described in the game does not emit microwave energy. The system emits millimeter wave energy at the very high frequency of about 95 GHz, and so its ray does not penetrate skin and flesh to the same degree that microwave energy does (a microwave oven emits at about 2.45 GHz).

I apologize for my technical ignorance and misrepresentation of this non-lethal weapon system. Players should change the word “microwave” to “millimeter wave” in section 8.3 of the rulebook.

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2 Responses to Civil Power: correction on ADS

  1. kerastarion says:

    Phew, glad you sorted that out!!!

    HNY to you and yours, hope it’s better than the last.


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    • brtrain says:

      It’s good to be accurate, especially when the difference is over 90 GHz.
      I would say that 2022 is bound to be better than 2021, but it’s very early yet.

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