Today we had a moderate reorganization of my Ministry – doesn’t affect me much except where dealing with the Suits is required; I lost a good go-to-bat-for-you Boss though.

But titles always change in a reorg, and now I am in the Strategic Policy and Initiatives Branch.

I’d make the logo my Zoom/MS Teams background or whatever, but no one would get it.

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This blog is mostly devoted to posts, work and resources on "serious" conflict simulation games.

6 Responses to Reorg

  1. sunray42 says:

    Oh, that is so serendipitous … !

  2. jamessterrett says:

    You should use it as your background – might get a pleasant surprise! 🙂

    • brtrain says:

      I’m trying to figure out how to do that… anyway, people in my office have learned not to ask me questions about things like this that I do.

  3. “but no one would get it.”

    That’s not true Brian! Your loyal fans certainly get it! We will always envision you as the new head of the regurgitated SPI.

    Tim (Loyal Fan #1 from CatastropheGames)

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