Civil Power: rules, scenarios, VASSAL module available online


Now that the game is officially out, CSL has made the rules and scenario booklet and VASSAL module available online here (if necessary, change the file extension from .zip to .vmod):

But we’re sure that you would like to have the physical product too, so the order page is here:

Fight the Power!
(or be the Power, you can do both)

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9 Responses to Civil Power: rules, scenarios, VASSAL module available online

  1. Rex Brynen says:


    I don’t use Vassal much, but is that a functioning Vassal module? Usually they are a single file ending in .vmod, not a series of folders and files (which is what I get when I unzip them).

    On a broader issue, do you have one of your designs that has been ported to Vassal (or TTS) that you might want to demo to my POLI 452 class this coming term? It wouldn’t have to be a full play through, just a few turns and discussion of why the game is designed the way it is.



    • brtrain says:

      Just rename the file to change the extension from .zip to .vmod and it will work.
      It’s the publisher’s Google drive and I don’t know why it got uploaded like that.

      • Rex Brynen says:

        Nope, that still won’t work–it unzips the file into the folder the instant I download it.

        • brtrain says:

          How strange – I just renamed the .zip file to .vmod, then opened up Vassal and opened the module from there.
          Maybe you need to open it up from within Vassal.
          Anyway, the publisher just re-uploaded it with the .vmod extension, try downloading it again from that link.

    • brtrain says:

      All of the digital game ports of my games that I am aware of are here on this page on the website:

      Mostly they are Vassal files.
      Your students might find Ukrainian Crisis interesting; it’s a small game, DIME but a small “e” perhaps, simple and not hard to teach.
      There are Vassal and ZunTzu modules for it.

      No one has made TTS versions of any of my designs except I think A Distant Plain and possibly Colonial Twilight; I will have to check.
      I have made a functioning version of Guerrilla Checkers as a learning exercise in TTS but now that I’ve done it, I don’t have an idea of what to do with it… for a Christmas break, it’s been rather hard to find time to do much of anything.

  2. jasonwintz says:

    Brian, I can’t wait to see a DC 2021 scenario!

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