Interview with Howard Buchanan

A surprise interview with Howard Harold Buchanan, from confinement.

A very enjoyable three quarters of an hour!

Kind of a weird echo sometimes on my end, and just as many umm, uhhh, ahhs as ever.

Fair bit of detail about China’s War 1937-41, if you haven’t heard it already, and a bit about Strongman (remake of Caudillo).

But I hope you like it.


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This blog is mostly devoted to posts, work and resources on "serious" conflict simulation games.

5 Responses to Interview with Howard Buchanan

  1. Trevor Kvaran says:

    Any info on the abstract games you mentioned at the start but didn’t have time to discuss? I’m a big fan of Guerrilla Checkers, so excited to hear you are working on other abstracts

    • brtrain says:

      Hi Trevor, I replied to you privately – I will make a public post about these later on when I have them in more presentable shape.
      Or if Howard, I mean Harold, interviews me again with more time allotted.

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