DC Maracas: Two Videos



Release of District Commander Maracas is imminent. Tom Russell recently shared two videos on Facebook to demonstrate aspects of the game. The first explains how missions are resolved, the second one talks about the variable victory points mechanic and what Infrastructure Units are good for.

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5 Responses to DC Maracas: Two Videos

  1. Howard says:

    Is that Harry Lime and Columbo on the counters? I honestly don’t know how you manage to put out so much product with the time you have brown, and all of it thought-provoking and topical. Thank you.

    • brtrain says:

      Hey Howard,
      Yes, it is indeed.
      Tom makes the counters and we like our little jokes.
      Another face is “The Duke” for special forces A-teams and a psywar cadre counter portrys Andy Griffith from “A Face in the Crowd” – this was Tom’s idea and even more clever than my original face for the counter, “Sgt. Bilko” (just the kind of guy you want running your reconstrcution and nation-building efforts!).
      In the deisgner’s notes I explain some of the history of this system. I started work on it nine or ten years ago but never had time to finish it properly, as it went through several large overhauls. I did get it done with four modules ready before I gave it to Hollandspiele… they will have the other three (Algeria, Vietnam, Afghanistan) out in the next year or two, if this one turns enough heads.
      Meanwhile, I was happy to have even a partial thesis on urban irregular combat out there.
      I intend to work more in that field, precisely because it is so topical.

  2. Howard says:

    Sorry, that should have been Brian not brown. Note to self, always spellcheck iPad.

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