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[EDITED 9 SEPTEMBER 2019:  Now that Hollandspiele has formally published the Maracas module, I am pulling this one off the free print-and-play wagon. But I want people to try the system if they want to, so I will substitute another of the three remaining modules, and keep it up until such time as it is also published by Hollandspiele.  Check the Free Games page: Free Games!]

Maracas is one of the four games I’ve designed so far that uses the District Commander diceless, operational-level counterinsurgency system.

It takes place in Maracas, the fictional megacity capital of the equally fictitious nation of Virtualia (which was also the locale for my game Caudillo).

I am making it available for free print-and-play download as an example of

a) the District Commander system itself; and

b) an introductory game on asymmetrical warfare in a modern large city.

I intend to do more of this kind of thing. I’ve been interested in urban combat for a long time (Tupamaro was one of my first game designs) and I think this is a crucially important topic for present-day and near-future wargame work. There’s certainly going to be a certain amount of the real thing soon enough.

Game components consist of:

  • System rules (a bit long and chatty but they introduce concepts and many variations) DC RB
  • Exclusive rules (a lot shorter but they introduce some changes and extra units)
  • Player aids and charts
  • Set of standard counters (176 x 5/8″): infrastructure, chance chits, intelligence chits, insurgent units and assets DC system counters 4july
  • Set of exclusive counters (88 x 5/8″): Government/Foreign units and assets, extra insurgent, intelligence pieces
  • Area movement map (made to be printed out at 17×22″)

The counters are made to be printed out at 5/8″ and the map at 17×22″, but if your eyes are young and strong and your fingers nimble go ahead and print them out smaller. Or if you’re half-blind and near-palsied like me, print them out on 1″ foamcore and as big a map as you can find.

Permission is granted to downloaders to make a copy for their own personal use, under the usual Creative Commons Licence adopted for this website.


All material on this website, including all its subsidiary pages, that is written by me is made available through a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

This game, and up to three or more other modules in the system (so far Algeria 1959, Vietnam 1969, Afghanistan 2009, Maracas 2019), will be released over the next year or two by Hollandspiele.

I hope you will give it a try.


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12 Responses to New free game: Maracas

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Very generous of you Brian- thanks.



  2. Harry Sidebottom says:

    Look forward to trying this interesting game. Thank you, Brian.

  3. Jim Di Crocco says:

    Fictional in the same sense that the location for the events in “The Ugly American” were fictional. One gets a pretty good idea.

    • brtrain says:

      Well, when I first designed Caudillo, it was a very thinly-disguised post-Chavez Venezuela… but that was 2013 and Chavez wasn’t post-Chavez yet. But he couldn’t live forever.

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  7. Luca Capata says:

    I’ve bought Colonial Twilight, Chile and Tupamaro. As soon as possible Shining Path and Op Whirlwind. i like the genre. Thanks for the free games (i get them and printed ready to play ) and I found Maracas pretty intriguing but one question arise: i didn’t find the procedure for the initial TP for the GOV and Insurgentes. The other is just a doubt, among the lines, it seems to me the IU are limited counters, right?

    • brtrain says:

      Thanks for trying out my games!
      Initial TP levels for both sides are in the scenario instructions, 10.1 and 10.2.
      IU are not limited; I put as many as I thought would be useful in the counter mix but if you need to you can make more. However, the number of combat units is limited.

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