Colonial Twilight: review, yong zhongwen


Across the ocean, Mike Yuan of Taipei writes his impression of Colonial Twilight:

Unfortunately, I do not speak any Chinese and the machine translation is not very good…

Back to the front, compared to the four people may continue to soy sauce this situation, a little look you will find that in the CT, continuous action often occurs, so players will not only have a flexible schedule, but also make a good To be full, the ability to effect very strong.  At the same time the goal of action is also simplified; So I line up the skateboard machine to not finished thinking immediately turn to me, how do I use this opportunity?

But I think I get the gist of it – he was not entirely happy nor unhappy with the game.

  • He found the two-player mechanics interesting, and that they mitigated some of his frustrations with the 4-player mechanics and stabbery in the other COIN system games published so far.
  • Some of the Event Cards are quite strong (e.g. Napalm) while others are uninteresting or indeterminate in effect (he cites the “many” +/-1d6 cards in the deck – there are 6 that effect either side equally, of 60). Of this he says, “This is indeed Brian Train’s style, enhance the player’s sense of dilemma, sense of historical experience; in Chinese is called: ‘unlucky in rotten peach’ (「在爛桃中挑顆不爛的」)”. I liked that.
  • His impression is that the game is unbalanced against the Government; I think he played the Short scenario, twice, for this review so that is perhaps understandable.

Perhaps next time I should soy sauce my skateboard machine. Internet translation has a long way to go!


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4 Responses to Colonial Twilight: review, yong zhongwen

  1. Jed says:

    Maybe you should contact him beforehand, there are many words that cannot be directly translated through the machine translate.

    As far as I can understand, “soy sauce” can be the meaning of “doing something not very important”, and “line up the skateboard machine” is the way to describe the situation waiting for a long downtime in the 4 players game.

  2. 劉小方 says:

    Sorry for my poor English, but I think this is closer to the true meaning:

    Maybe four players will do unimportant action to observe other players. But in the CT, you can find that there have many chance to do continuous action, so players will not only have a flexible timetable, but also make once to succeed and complete, the effect is very strong . At the same time the goal of action is also simplified; so I can’t take a break , immediately turned my turn, and need to think “how can I take advantage of this opportunity?”

    • brtrain says:

      Your English is much better than my nonexistent Chinese!
      Thank you for your comment.

      It is true that the tempo of Colonial Twilight is a lot faster and more urgent than in the 4-player COIN system games.
      But I’ve also found that “Mr. Analysis Paralysis” can still bring the game to a crashing halt, as he sits there staring at the board.
      But with this game you have only one of these people to deal with, instead of three.

      It’s also true that you can swing two operations back to back, so you can carry out a sustained campaign in a limited way, but when you do a rush of activity you have to yield the initiative to the other player.
      In other interviews I compared this to the idea of “sente” in Go, where the impetus passes back and forth between players – I don’t know what the term would be in Chinese.

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