Michel Boucher – 2017

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Michel and me at Cangames, May 2017

My good friend Michel Boucher has died.

I first met Michel at BottosCon in 2010, after several years of corresponding and trading games over BGG. He playtested games with me, gave me lots of great constructive criticism and conversation, taught me to play Hearts and Minds and Les Poilus, translated some of my games into French, made VASSAL modules of my games, invited me to his home for dinner… A kind, intelligent, thoughtful guy.

I will miss Michel a lot.

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6 Responses to Michel Boucher – 2017

  1. bottosconadmin says:

    Brian, I can’t line this post because it just seems wrong. What I can do is offer my condolences on the loss of your friend. I am sorry you had to find out via Facebook of Michel’s passing. I have asked my friend John Mundy to see if he can get me any details of where we can send condolence to Michel’s family.

    I didn’t know Michel as well as you did, but I am glad for the times he and I were able to game together at BottosCon. He was thoughtful and helpful with his feedback on how I could improve the convention. He will be missed.

    Once again Brian, you have my sympathy and condolences.

  2. Arnaud Bouis says:

    Hello Brian,

    I am a long-time friend of Michel’s, and I am also very saddened by his death. Michel was a very talkative, lively, pleasant friend and gamer. In gaming, he valued having a good time over winning. Michel was a passionate gamer and history buff, a reader with a deep knowledge. I will miss him a lot, too.
    Michel often told me about his collaboration with you.

    Thanks for posting a page about him.

  3. steve altra says:

    Condolences to Michel’s friends and family.

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