Hollandspiele’s one year old!

Hollandspiele is one year old this week, after releasing SEVENTEEN titles in that time.

And they are having a sale on each and every one of them!


Tom Russell made a very nice blog post about the process of publishing their first game, The Scheldt Campaign, but it’s more about the design work of Brian Train, the guy who designed it. His games sound like something I’d probably be interested in.


I’ve been very happy in my dealings with Tom and Mary Russell, both before and after their founding of Hollandspiele, a little game company that could. And did. And does. They are honest and work hard and communicate and respect the designer’s work; these are all good things. I look forward to meeting them in person one day – they were supposed to come out to the CSW Expo in Tempe this year but poor Tom screwed up his back. Well, next year.

Meanwhile, nine bucks off each of Scheldt Campaign and Ukrainian Crisis!

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7 Responses to Hollandspiele’s one year old!

  1. Rick says:

    The sale is well worth it to me. For 20% off regular price I got “The Scheldt Campaign” game. I bought it based on various online postings and an AAR regarding the game. The combat system looks interesting and appears to make the game more like the actual campaign, a “slow slugging match” rather than a blitzkrieg. Another publisher has a similar game, but it misleads the players regarding the reality of the conflict; makes it look like a blitzkrieg when it definitely was not. Many thanks to Brian for pointing out the sale, otherwise I would have missed out on this deal.

    • alsandor says:

      I just bought it although I have the original printing, and possibly the pre-printing Brian Train certified black and white playtest version which I coloured in.

      • brtrain says:

        You’ll find this one has very thick counters, they’re bigger too.
        I wonder if they are shipping them with the one-piece map (the first edition had two maps you had to butt along the short ends.
        No colouring required, though the colour scheme is much more sombre and wet-looking than the MDG version.

      • brtrain says:

        Or fall, or winter, in that corner of Europe… or so I’m told.

    • brtrain says:

      Hi Rick,
      Thanks for buying Scheldt and I hope you enjoy it when you sit down to play it.
      The other Scheldt game (there are only two) certainly is a different take on the campaign.
      To me, it seems an OOB with some odd additions and subtractions got contorted into a system that requires movement and space to work properly.
      But that’s just me.

      I just found out about the sale myself!

  2. bottosconadmin says:

    Brian, you need to tell Tom if he wants to meet you, he needs to come to BottosCon and experience some Canadian hospitality.

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