YPPA! YPPA! Red Horde 1920 is out now!


rh1920 cover

Tiny Battle Publishing has released Red Horde 1920, my drastic reworking of Konarmiya, my game from 10 years ago on the Russo-Polish War. New rules, new order of battle, new map, new counters – Papa’s got a brand new bag!

Special introductory price: $24.00, six bucks off the regular price of $30.00!

They also usually make a Print and Play version available for about $12.00, so you can save on postage by supplying your own paper.


The gates of Warsaw await you…



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9 Responses to YPPA! YPPA! Red Horde 1920 is out now!

  1. john matthews says:

    Looks intriguing – any chance we can see images of the map and counters? I don’t see them on the TB site or BGG. Thanks!

  2. James Sterrett says:

    Nice job on Cyrrilic-using-Latin!

  3. Ralph Emerson says:

    I own an early version of Freikorps. Does Red Horde link with it?

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