Colonial Twilight: corrected tutorial, errata, clarifications

As must inevitably happen, several errors crept into the Tutorial section of the playbook. Version-control slipups that break the continuity of the narrative of the campaign.

Here is a corrected file (with corrected illustrations as well).


Errata and clarifications

And while you’re here, the following is the collected errata and clarifications so far (last updated 4 October 2017):

Government player aid card:

Under Train Operation, the number “2” for the cost of Resources per location selected was omitted. The rules do contain this information.


1.3.7 Border Sectors: after the first sentence, add: “In the Full Scenario, they are not considered Border Sectors until Morocco and Tunisia have become independent and the Border Zone activated, by play of a Pivotal Event Card (5.1.8).” And add after the last sentence: “Also, Police in Border Sectors count as Troops in Assaults (3.2.4).”

5.1.8 MOROCCO AND TUNISIA INDEPENDENT Pivotal Event: add a third bullet: “From now on, Police in Border Sectors count as Troops in Assaults (3.2.4)”


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