OSS Games Summer Sale! 20% Off!

One Small Step Games has announced its Summer Sale!

On now through the 4th of July, get 20% off on all published items.

Amounts to five bucks off each of my folio designs with OSS.

Sale does not include items already on sale, pre-order games, or subscriptions… so Tupamaro is not eligible as it’s still in pre-order.

Use coupon code “SummerSale” at checkout.



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4 Responses to OSS Games Summer Sale! 204 Off!

  1. dbednarek says:

    Hi Brian,
    It says “Algeria” is Sold Out.
    True or false?
    Trying to get my Algeria fix before “Colonial Twilight” arrives.

    • brtrain says:

      Oh wow!
      I had no idea.
      Says Shining Path and Green Beret are also out of stock for a few weeks, due to the move of their office.
      I understand they will be out of the office Monday-Tuesday so maybe you can take it up with them later next week and maybe get a rain check.
      That does leave three for you to buy that are in stock, though!

      Colonial Twilight will be a few weeks yet I think; they have charged cards but deliveries will take a bit of time.

  2. alsandor says:

    I have all of those, most in a couple of different editions…I should start a database of all the editions of your stuff 😉

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