Another thing I’ve been working on….

svhnmapsnip         svhnctrsnip

These are just snips but they kind of give away what, and where, and how.

All framed up, and ready for testing.

Soon to be second in the BBW Series.

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5 Responses to Another thing I’ve been working on….

  1. Roger Beatson says:

    Hi Brian. Couple of quick questions. What’s the BBW series. What’s the first title in the series and will they be available via your BTR Games or will you be looking for a publisher?

  2. Roger Beatson says:

    Okay. So having thought about this for a bit I’m guessing BBW is Brief Border War, Hungary Slovakia 1939 was the first title and the games will be published professionally where possible .


    • brtrain says:

      BBW = Exactly, Roger!
      As you may have read in the commentaries around the release of Ukrainian Crisis, we managed to put The Little War in the box because the components allowed it. This one may not have the same fate, so I might just put it out through BTR Games (probably in a two or three-pack so people get their money’s worth… but then I will have to design a third one. I do have candidates in mind…)

  3. roger beatson says:

    Hey thanks for that Brian. That’s excellent news. I dare say there are plenty of border conflicts that might fit the bill.
    You can pretty much take my money now.


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