Scheldt Campaign: long AAR


Dav was playing the Microgame Design Group edition.

Over at Web-Grognards, a very long (44 pages! and well tricked-out with good photos) After Action Report of The Scheldt Campaign, by long-time wargamer Dav Vandenbroucke.

Short answer, he liked what he played, and I’m very glad!

Also, at the end of the document Dav gives two simple formulae for an Excel spreadsheet so you don’t have to roll an actual bucket of dice to determine the number of hits therefrom.

Thanks Dav!

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4 Responses to Scheldt Campaign: long AAR

  1. Rick says:

    The AAR is lengthy but fascinating reading. The effort in creating the AAR is fantastic; it can easily be held up as a fine example of how to do a great AAR.

    After reading the AAR just once I realized that I ought to budget some money to buy this game if only for the interesting game system. Bravo Brian!

    • brtrain says:

      Don’t thank me, thank Dav who did all the work!

      I hope you will give Scheldt a try, or any of the other games that use variations of this system – Third Lebanon War, BCT Kandahar, or even good ol’ Bulge 20.

  2. defling says:

    The Staff Card system produces excellent narratives. The sentiment of being in command of something, of actually planning, is really present.

    • brtrain says:

      Thanks Neal!
      Even though there is an awful lot abstracted in the selection and use of the Staff Cards (and there are some literal-minded players who just can’t get past that), it does help in both making the player think about what he is going to do in a turn, and in telling the story about what happened afterward… as opposed to, “well, it’s the Movement Phase so I will make everyone drive down the road as fast as they can, and whup, there’s the enemy and it’s the Combat Phase now so ‘on s’engage et puis, on voit….'”

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