Xmas Xhopping List

(original image by Kelly Freas)

Over at The Players Aid blog, some friendly direction on what to get for Christmas:


The Scheldt Campaign is #9 on the list, so yeah, you should get one of those. Or more.

Others on the list are Liberty or Death and Fire in the Lake, and a new one on me that looks interesting, The Fog of War by Geoff Engelstein.

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2 Responses to Xmas Xhopping List

  1. Vez says:

    Well, I’ve already mailed Santa my Xmas gaming wish which is to assassinate Hitler in the co-op named Black Orchestra. Rahdo ran through this and I was sold, and I’ve read other reviews too that say it’s very well designed. The game is a historical simulation of the group/individuals who plotted to kill Hitler.

    Hmm, but that Fog of War looks REALLY interesting as well…

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