Playing the Recent Past: presentation to UVic class


Today: a  presentation to a class at the University of Victoria – AHVS311, “History of Video Games” – on board wargames as tools for exploring history, the narratives they generate, and the problems (and value) of wargames in portraying recent conflicts, with particular mention of A Distant Plain.

Somewhat like the talk I gave at the University of Montreal game designers’ class, but taken back a step and sideways as the students are not designers (and may never even have seen a board wargame before).

Script and slides are here:

AHVS311 script

AHVS311 slides

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3 Responses to Playing the Recent Past: presentation to UVic class

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  2. VPJ Arponen says:

    “They [war board games] are examples of some of the most complex cultural artifacts we have, in terms of the topics addressed and the sophistication of their components.”

    Well said, Brian, and so true. It’s incredible how much research and though, blood, sweat, and tears, go into such a niche-within-a-niche thing as conflict/war board games. I liketo think the world would be a better place if more people took notice.


    • brtrain says:

      I certainly cannot argue with you there Vesa. Though there are many more people, statistically speaking, who spend just as much research, effort, and memory in tracking, discussing and bickering over football scores and statistics.

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