New paper on Third Lebanon War


From the “Foundation for the Defense of Democracies” (how’s that for a caption on your business card), a paper on the likelihood and implications of a third engagement between Israel and Hezbollah, taking into account the effects of the Syrian Civil War, the Iranian nuclear deal and Russian engagement in the area – all things that hadn’t happened when I designed my Third Lebanon War game.

[ETA: Here are two other pieces by David Daoud, one of the authors of the above paper, on the possible look of a third Lebanon war, published in September 2016. The first one is long but quite interesting. ]

Anyway, the game is still playable as it is, since it focuses on the situation in southern Lebanon and not on the lead-up to actual operations. It’s quite adaptable, so have a read of the paper and download the game if you like – still free – and change some of the rules as you see fit; for example simply leaving the Syrian forces and intervention out, or accounting for the possible use of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile system against IDF aircraft by strengthening optional rule O3.3, and so forth.

Free Games! page (scroll down to Third Lebanon War entry for files)

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