Interview on The Players’ Aid, Part I


Think I’ll use this picture every time I post about one of my interviews.

Over at the prolifically-posting blog The Players’ Aid, Part I of III of an interview with me about Colonial Twilight (mostly).

Link to Part II is here:

Interview on The Player ‘s Aid, Part 2

Link to Part III is here:

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2 Responses to Interview on The Players’ Aid, Part I

  1. grantkleinhenz says:

    Thanks Brian for indulging us with your great knowledge about game design as well as a fantastically involved inside look at Colonial Twilight! We appreciate the time and are looking forward to playing Volume VII of the COIN Series. Cheers!

    • brtrain says:

      No problem, I enjoyed it very much!
      You may know already that GMT will be slowing down its production of games a bit for the rest of the year as they work on replacing and scaling up their infrastructure. This is due entirely to their growing success as a business, and it’s a good problem for them to have, but in the end it means it’s more likely we will see Colonial Twilight in early 2017 – but I could be wrong.

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