Scheldt Campaign, 2nd edition, now available from Hollandspiele!


The second edition of The Scheldt Campaign is now available from Hollandspiele, a new small-press outfit run by Mary and Tom Russell, formerly of Tiny Battle Publishing.

Website has just gone live today:

And there is a Facebook group for you to like too:

My Scheldt Campaign game is “Hex #1”, just the first offering from this company; others will follow in September and October:

  • Hex # 2, The Grunwald Swords – Medieval battle game, first in Shields & Swords II series. Design by Tom Russell, art by Gonzalo Santacruz and Ania B. Ziolkowska.
  • Hex # 3, Agricola, Master of Britain – Solitaire strategy game on Roman rule of Britain. Design by Tom Russell, art by Gonzalo Santacruz and Ania B. Ziolkowska.
  • Hex # 4, An Infamous Traffic – opaque and challenging multiplayer game on the Opium Wars and the opening of China. Design and art by Cole Wehrle, designer of Pax Pamir.

I’m looking forward to a good Opium Wars game!

Hollandspiele’s production model is print-on-demand with services by Blue Panther LLC. Folks may recall that a couple of my games that came out through Schutze Games –  Pusan Perimeter and Somalia Interventions – were given the boxed treatment by Blue Panther too. Once they get an order they send it over to Blue Panther, who produces it and sends it away. They will also offer print-and-play versions of all games through Wargame Vault, at bout half the MSRP (the link isn’t quite set up yet).

Lots more on their methods and philosophy at the company blog:

I don’t mind that they refer to me as a “prolific Canadian wunderkind”, don’t mind at all.

So anyway, Scheldt Campaign 2nd edition is available for orders: price will be $40 US for the first few weeks, and then go up to $45. Price does not include shipping: I just put in a fake order to my home in British Columbia, and it was $13 US, so shipping within the US should be reasonable. But they admit it will be crazy-expensive to overseas addresses, and would like to hear possible solutions or from potential partners for that.

Oh, and they take Paypal.

[ETA: Also, I have just been informed that PnP copies of The Scheldt Campaign are now available from The Wargame Vault for $12.00. That’s pretty cheap, but you will be missing the chunky goodness of laser-cut counters and the nice map.]

One final thing I want to note, taken from their “About” page:

When it comes to designers, Hollandspiele aims to follow the Golden Rule: we want to treat designers as we’d like to be treated. That’s why we will never ask a designer to sign away their rights to their original designs. Instead, we license the publication rights from the designer for three years at a time. Designers are paid a per-copy royalty of at least $3USD, with the royalties for the first fifty copies paid in advance. Two copies of the game will be provided free of charge, and designers have the option to purchase additional copies “at cost”.

We generally seek out designers and designs, but are happy to consider submissions. If you have a finished game that you’d like us to take a look at, drop us a line at .

Thanks for your interest!


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