Coming soon: The Scheldt Campaign, 2nd Edition


A new edition of The Scheldt Campaign, from Hollandspiel Games, a new small-press outfit.

Same rules as always, just new map art by Ilya Kudriashov and counters by Tom Russell.

Coming soon!

Meanwhile, here is a peer at the new map:

scheldt map lo-res

Don’t forget to bring your wellies when playing this one.

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6 Responses to Coming soon: The Scheldt Campaign, 2nd Edition

  1. Rick says:

    I hope this game is better than a horribly one-sided and ahistorical game on this subject from a US publisher.

  2. Damm, now I’m going to get another copy of this game. Any chance of any preview art Brian? Is this a US or Canadian publisher, and is there a price and timeline for release?

    • brtrain says:

      I’ll post some sample map and counter art a bit later, when the alligators stop snapping at my nether regions.
      It’s a US publisher, I don’t know the price yet, and release is imminent (a few weeks, barring the usual unforeseen).

  3. defling says:

    Just watched Norm Christie’s documentary on the Scheldt. I was only aware of it thanks to you. Now I’m glad not to have bought an earlier edition. (You’re going to have to signal which editions are definitive a little better in the future.)

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