Off to CSW Expo 2016… meanwhile, Ramadi.

Leaving soon for Tempe, Arizona for the Consimworld Expo!

Going to be extremely hot – 43 to 46 degrees!

Will do my best to engage as little as possible on any topic other than play, publishing, design etc. of wargames!

Meanwhile, let me point you toward a simple but very clever solitaire wargame on the Battle for Ramadi (December 2015), by Jay Ward and made available for free on his website “Numbers, Wargames and Arsing About”.

If nothing else, download and read the rules – he spends the first 11 pages setting out the situation and giving information on the forces involved, and how they are reflected in the game. I like it when designers give this kind of account of their research and thoughts.

If I had the time, I’d nick all this and make a Fallujah version of the game myself!

But meanwhile, the desert beckons….

ETA: In August 2018, this game was announced for pre-order with Tiny Battle:


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3 Responses to Off to CSW Expo 2016… meanwhile, Ramadi.

  1. Jay Ward says:


    Thanks ever so much for mentioning my humble effort. Following your comment the other day I have started looking at Fallujah. Although it is difficult to get information on the current battle I might just start with the first one and work my way up to the third. A bit more play testing required on the underlying model though.

    Enjoy your trip to Tempe!



    • brtrain says:

      No problem Jay, I am happy to draw attention to your game.
      A lot comes out during both playtesting and in making variations.
      Remember, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” (da Vinci)

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