War Plan Crimson: new edition coming from TBP

WPC Cover 8sm

Coming in May: a new edition of War Plan Crimson, my alt-hist game on an American invasion of Canada, some time in the late 1930s.

It is largely the same game as earlier editions, only much better presented.

pc west map snip

Map snippet: approaches to Montreal.

pc ctrs snip

Counter sheet snippet.

The map is larger and has great art, the 176 counters are nicely die-cut and two-sided, and the rules have been updated and streamlined. And “damn fine” cover art by the inestimable John Kula! (I know, I’ve tried to estimate him….)

Available soon from Tiny Battle Publishing, price probably about $22.



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6 Responses to War Plan Crimson: new edition coming from TBP

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  2. Cirsova says:

    Reblogged this on Cirsova and commented:
    Hey, this looks cool! Maybe I’ll pick this one up for an upcoming Wargame Wednesday.

  3. alsandor says:

    With Thump talking about destroying entire nations, you want to give them a plan of attack? Why not just tell them we have the world’s largest standing army…oops, I shouldn’t have said that…now they are going to be afraid of trying. Aw, who am I kidding.,..they haven’t learned anything from the last six wars they have been in. Wasn’t Grenada the last one they…ahem… won? 3:-)

    • brtrain says:

      Well, the backstory for War Plan Crimson is this (from the Designer’s Notes):

      “In 1933-34, the “American Freedom Lobby”, a cabal of wealthy businessmen threatened by Roosevelt’s New Deal economic policies, infiltrates a faction of the Democratic Party and uses the American Legion to manipulate thousands of embittered veterans into forming local paramilitary associations. In late 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt is gently moved aside from the Presidency on grounds of ill health while retired General Hugh S. Johnson, as “Secretary of General Affairs,” assumes executive power. Leftists and populist political organizations, riven by factionalism, cannot resist this coup d’etat in all but name and the United States comes to resemble an Italian-style Fascist state. Continuing economic troubles lead the new leadership to the belief that rearming and expanding the American military will kick-start the economy, and that a revitalized Army could be used in a short sharp campaign against Canada to seize its abundant material resources and manufacturing capacity. ”

      And of course there is a reference to the Businessmen’s Plot, and to Sinclair Lewis’ book It Can’t Happen Here, which I first read in university and have been re-reading every so often since (as have others: http://thetyee.ca/Culture/2016/03/10/Sinclair-Saw-Trump-Comig/).

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