uprisingyaah2 Issue #2 of YAAH! magazine, featuring two of my abstract games, will be taking pre-orders as of April 3: http://www.flyingpiggames.com/yaah–magazine-issue–2.html Pre-order price is $24.99; after it ships in May sometime it’s $29.99. Also, to beat steep international postage costs of $20 you can get a PDF download for $14.99 and you then print out the games. The above illo is the preliminary game art for Uprising. I have been told there will be a few changes. Lots of other interesting stuff in the issue too – scenarios, reviews, interview with Alan Emrich, and more!

Includes a short piece by me on the think-value of abstract games, starting with Benjamin Franklin’s love of Chess, his essay on the morals of Chess, and the mental exercise afforded by different types of abstract games (especially the three of mine in this issue!)

Looking forward to this one.

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This blog is mostly devoted to posts, work and resources on "serious" conflict simulation games.

4 Responses to YAAH, YAAH, JAWOHL…

  1. I guess I’m out of the loop. I didn’t know Mark Walker was no longer part of LnL. I liked his Heroes of the Gap game and always wanted to get more of the series. Guess I’ll have to stalk hobby stores to see what’s still out there.

    • brtrain says:

      If you follow the link (and I guess you did), the story is there, in bits and pieces on the website. Mark is also still working on tactical games: he has his Old School Tactical WW2 game on Kickstarter right now, and Armageddon War, which is near-future tactical, and NIght of Man, which is SF alien-invasion tactical. So there’s more Walkerness coming….

  2. Mark Walker says:

    Brian, we are really excited to have you working with us!

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