Green Beret is in the house!

"Comes with everything you see here!"

“Comes with everything you see here!”

I got my copies of the new, OSS Games folio edition of Green Beret. Very pleased! (not pleased with the quality of the photo though).

Everything is quite functional and well laid-out, and the counters are very nicely die-cut – so well cut that they are falling out of the frames by themselves. OSS thoughtfully put the counter sheet into a small ziploc bag for transit, and then gave you three small ones for storage. Also very happy to have a 17×22″ map.

$22.95 each, my friends!

Some time in the next six weeks will see Operation Whirlwind come out, which has a very nice map of urban Budapest. Not sure about when Kandahar, the fourth and last one will appear; its subject matter is not as much of a draw and it is a bit more complex than the other three.

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6 Responses to Green Beret is in the house!

  1. neilspry says:


    Will there be changes to the OSS version of Operation Whirlwind compared to the Fiery Dragon edition? e.g. rule updates. I notice it has about 50 less counters, but I expect that’s because the Fiery Dragon ones were all one sided.

    • brtrain says:

      No, no rule changes; just better art. The counter count is the same as the original Microgame Design Group edition which was 280 single-sided counters, meant to make 140 double-siders: the Fiery Dragon edition was 192 counters IIRC (2 sheets of 96 each), again single-sided. I think in the latter the Hungarians have 3 or 4 fewer insurgents, 53 instead of 57 or so, and that’s the only difference.

  2. bottosconadmin says:

    Brian, I see your games are just as camera shy as you are 🙂 On a more serious note, congrats my friend.

  3. Jack says:

    Reblogged this on Tome and Tomb.

  4. Pete S/ SP says:

    Looks great- may well just bite the bullet and order it direct from the States.



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