New (kinda) rules for Ukrainian Crisis

I meant to do that.

I meant to do that.

Well, it is nearing the end of November and there is no news to report on the Victory Point Games edition of Ukrainian Crisis, other than VPG’s admission in September that their playtesting (with which I was not involved, except to answer questions later) had “gone off the rails” during the summer.

In June I made some revisions to the rules to suit VPG, to recap from July posting:

  • All processes will use d6, not via the substituting method I listed in section 2.1 of the rules though – for Efforts there will be a “normed” result which I did briefly consider when originally designing the game. This required a couple of changes to processes, notably the Diplomatic resolution and the introduction of random Critical Incidents that can occur when players make a Maximum Effort on something. I do like this way better.
  • Some minor Russian OOB changes to reflect the ID numbers and likely composites of units that appear to have been actually fielded, rather than my original guesses (most of which were right, but they were obvious ones). There is no overall change in Russian combat power though, so I did not make up replacement counters.
  • A completely deterministic version of the game that doesn’t use dice at all, if you feel that rollin’ dem bones is a sin (though it does use playing cards, so you are halfway to Perdition anyway).

I think it less and less likely that this will hit the presses any time soon, so I have decided to publish the revised rules anyway. You can find them both here and at the original post for all the game files for Ukrainian Crisis.


Let me know if you try these out!

And in the fullness of time, if/when VPG gets it out the door, you will have a truly beautiful map and nice thick counters to play it with….

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2 Responses to New (kinda) rules for Ukrainian Crisis

  1. Rex Brynen says:

    One of my favourite pictures ever of the Great Designer in action!

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