BottosCon 2014!

Not sure what i was saying here, but I guess it was important...

Not sure what i was saying here, but I guess it was important…

Spent the weekend in rainy Surrey to attend BottosCon 2014, an annual gaming convention put on by Rob Bottos, the guy on the left. I had a great time, like always!

Very good playtest session of Caudillo.

Playtesting of Caudillo. Presentation of balding head.

Two very good playtest sessions, one of Caudillo (multiplayer card game about power politics in fictional Latin American country) and Denouement (two-player iteration of the GMT COIN system, for the Algerian War).


Also seen in passing: two guys (Ralph Shelton and Steve Lieske) playing Third Lebanon War, the original version of the game.


I sold a copy of Andartes too!

(all photos by the excellent and unobtrusive David Rice)

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2 Responses to BottosCon 2014!

  1. Steve Lieske says:

    Brian – thanks for making your original design for Next War in Lebanon available. I really enjoyed trying it, and not just because I beat Ralph (although that certainly helped!).

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