Recent Projects: two Vietnam games

The latest new projects I have been working on came from the request of a History professor at a Canadian university, who originally wanted to use my Green Beret game in the classroom to teach some of his students about counterinsurgency in Vietnam. I thought this one was a maybe a bit detailed for students who might never have played a board wargame before, so I offered to design him something new.

Since his personal interest or current research was Binh Dinh province in 1968-70, I designed not one but two games taking place in this Central Coast province: a module of the District Commander system (an operational-level COIN system that uses no dice, and for which I’ve designed several modules: generic Red vs. Blue; Algeria 1959; Afghanistan 2009; and now Vietnam 1969) and a simpler design called Binh Dinh 69.

Section of Binh Dinh 69 counter sheet

Section of Binh Dinh 69 counter sheet       

District Commander Binh Dinh map excerpt

District Commander Binh Dinh map excerpt

DC BD ctr snip

District Commander Binh Dinh counter excerpt


I hope that it will prove useful! I’m still doing testing on the District Commander module (each one is a fair bit different from the others but there is a consistent core of rules). As always, there is not enough time to do everything in the speed and order I want to do it….

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5 Responses to Recent Projects: two Vietnam games

  1. brtrain says:

    Okeydoke… as you can see, I’ve been productive the last couple of years. Seems to make it easier to produce more rather than less. Glad you’re reading my blog, yours is really interesting!

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