Off to Consimworld Expo!

At oh-my-god-it’s-early hours tomorrow morning, we’re taking off to attend the 2014 Consimworld Expo in Tempe Arizona!

I don’t usually go to conventions, but this one is a good one – usually about 200 very hard-core gamers, with people coming from as far away as England and New Zealand to attend. I have been to this one several times but last went in 2011, before the release of Andean Abyss, the first of the COIN system of games from GMT Games, and the subsequent ignition of interest in counterinsurgency gaming.

It’s also a publisher’s expo, so it is a good time to talk about projects with various companies, though I don’t think I will be doing so much of that this year. I will be bringing copies for sale of the first wave of BTR Games offerings: 1848, Andartes, Land of the Free, Green Beret, Kandahar, Shining Path, Tupamaro, Ukrainian Crisis. I will also be bringing Dios o Federacion, Palace Coup, Balkan Gambit, and District Commander Kandahar to playtest, with anyone who’s inclined.

Finally, on Thursday night Joe Miranda and I will hold a short seminar on “Simulating Modern Warfare”, where we talk about recent games n contemporary topics and the special challenges they represent. This is a reprise of an event we did in 2011, again before the COIN system became a thing in the world (as the kids say nowadays).

But I also want to spend some time relaxing – as I said, I’ve been several times and have never gotten into Phoenix itself; there’s lots of exploring to do. One problem with my trying to take vacations is that they turn out to be second shifts at a poorly paid job.

Anyway, fun in the sun and perhaps I will post from the Con now and then!

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